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Used Knitting Machine

Product Specifications

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Used Computerized Flat Knitting Machine with Full-Sinker System

Our compact, space-saving NewSES122-S double-system, NewSES123-S triple-system, and NewSES124-S four-system machines feature our original moveable full sinker system.
This ideal sinker system not only offers tremendous variation in multicolored dimensional patterns, but does so with the gentle touch that only a spring-type system can offer. And with a useful gauge range from E6 through E16, these new S-type machines offer even greater production possibilities.
This versatility is further enhanced with the latest in Shimatronic® computerized knitting technology, making these machines three of the most innovative products in the industry with their combined functionality, productivity and efficiency. And like all revamped NewSES machines, the new S-type machines feature increased memory capacity, a user-friendly control panel with improved inter- face, and even higher productivity.


Innovative controller and LCD monitor

The SES S-type machines feature a brand- new computer-control unit with a significant in- crease in memory capacity. The NewSES con- troller boasts 50% more capacity as compared with the previous SES line, at 12,582,912 bits or 1,024 wales × 4,096 addresses. In addition to floppy disks, the new controller can accept USB memory input, further increasing data capacity for knitting complex knits. Also standard is a network interface which opens up new possibilities in filesharing and production management using Shima Network Solutions. A backup power sup- ply is also standard, allowing work to resume af- ter power failures. The new control panel features a simple monochromatic LCD monitor with an improved graphic interface for intuitive operation. The eye-level display offers improved ergonomics, while menu-interactive function but- tons offer easy input and editing. The menu also features multi-lingual ca- pability, available in 10 languages

A smooth and reliable takedown system

Otherwise known as the takedown comb, Shima Seiki’s patented setup device employs a row of special setup needles which provide even takedown for consistent fabric quality. These unique needles furthermore feature a special release mechanism which offers complete, reli- able, snag-free fabric release. In addition, our takedown rollers provide smooth and even takedown with optimum control. These quality control characteristics of the various takedown mechanisms make essential contributions to the production of fully fashioned and integral garments.

The Shima Seiki spring-type moveable full sinker system

All S-type machines feature yet another break- through in Shima Seiki flatbed knitting technol- ogy. Based directly on the proven sinker configu- ration found in our glove knitting machines, the patented spring-type moveable full sinker system is the only application of this type in flatbed knit- ting machines. Unlike conventional forced- opera- tion type sinkers which subject fabrics to unnec- essary stress and cause compressed loops and even yarn breakage, the spring-type mechanism provides gentle holddown movement. Conse- quently, significant improvements in quality and texture for complicated three-dimensional fabrics are achieved, for such patterns as horizontal cable, bubble stitch and held stitches for a virtu- ally unlimited number of courses. And with the combined use of our stitch presser, pattern variety previously unimaginable with conventional sinkers can now be had with ease. The end re- sult is not only a great improvement in knit pro- duction, but a considerably greater potential for the exploration of new designs as well.

The world’s first digital stitch device

Considered one of the most significant break- throughs in flatbed knitting technology, our pat- ented Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS®), the first of its kind, treats each stitch as digital data. Once a specific loop length is programmed, it con- tinuously adjusts yarn feed and tension to yield consistency in every loop of each course, with tolerance to within a remarkable ±1%. The result is quality control capability that is virtually impossible with conventional analog systems. DSCS® is a crucial factor in full-fashioning and integral garment production, as well as for maintaining consistency among different batches and repeat orders


Top of the class, always.

Originally founded on the challenge of developing the world's first automated glove knitting machine, Shima Seiki has since been at the forefront of knitting technology. With consistent advancement in original technology that anticipates market needs, Shima Seiki's computerized knitting machines have now become the global standard.

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Stored at our owned warehouse, the machine is tested regularly and have monthly maintenance to ensure workability as well as cleaniness

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